As one of my projects in university, I was tasked with creating an album cover for a fictional group named The Illusives. The prompt asked for a handmade look, that reflects their sound and sets a branding direction for the group.

I started my process with sketches, and ended up with some very stereotypical ideas that reflect meditation and calmness such as plants, space, etc. Through my sketching and experimenting, I decided instead to pursure a more representational approach, utilizing color theory to instead invoke the emotions of those things. I decided to use a bright and vibrant red that is almost uncomfortable to look at, and contrast it with the paler blue in the middle to both physically let the eyes relax, but also to invoke feelings of calmness that one may feel when listening to this album. This was handmade in Procreate on the iPad for that hand done feel that the promt requested.

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